I love the Veterans who have given their lives for us. The ones who still serve and have served.

To them I have enormous respect and honor!

Men and women. My father was in WW11 and is gone now. My brother was in NAM, in the Navy, he was on the aircraft carrier called The Oriskany, or as some call it, ‘The Mighty O.’

My brother was on the ship in 1964-66. That’s only because of this reason: In the Chrismas season of 1966 my Mom was begging him to come home. He wanted to stay on the ship. But she kept begging him and he finally did. This was in October. While he was home, on October 27th, A fire broke out on the ships forward hangar bay and rushed through 5 decks killing 44 men, my brother’s friends.


I can’t even imagine how my brother has felt all these years. I believe he blames himself in some way. So very tragic. For all of them. The living, and the dead. Even for some of us that were never in the wars.

Let’s say Viet Nam. I know how Vets were treated when they came home. They were actually fighting another war. I for one, never treated any Vet that way. Never will.

We owe Veterans. We owe them, respect, honor, a hug, a salute! A Meal, a place to stay! Instead of these illegals getting everything while there are Veterans that are homeless and committing suicide at the rate of 22, more or less, a day!

They’ve given us their all! They have sacrificed in a way that if you and I haven’t been in their boots, we have no idea. So, If you see a Veteran today, please, go up to him or her, say hello or something good, tell them you respect them, thank them. You’ll really make their day. And mine.

Here’s some history about the Oriskany:


Sinking of the Oriskany:


How I Feel As An Animal Welfare Activist

There was a time in my life when I was as cold as ice. I felt nothing.for no one. I had built my walls so thick no one could get through. I was a fighter to the literally. I was like stone. I hated people. I was abused as a kid and further abused by men for most of my life until I put a stop to that. I guess it was subconscious attraction.

I came to realize quickly that people loved you conditionally at a very young age.  Animals don’t do that. They love you no matter what. People may judge you, but not animals. People may be unforgiving, but not animals. Animals are innocent and quick to forget. They feel physical pain just like you and I. They feel emotions such as love, fear and terror. They are very protective and loving with their young ones. Many, many animals suffer everyday and are also slaughtered cruelly.

What I’m like now. I’m a marshmellow. I love people ‘and’ animals too. Believe me, there was a time when I hated people! Now, when I say I love someone, I mean it, ‘unconditionally.’ That’s something that’s very rare with people. I’m also very loyal.

Today I saw a little dog loose running around in the street, people were trying to catch him as I was pulling on to the Freeway. I kept looking in tears as I watched hoping it wouldn’t run out into the main busy street because it kept running from people. I’ll never know what happened to that dog.

It’s called compassion. I have a lot of it. Even with people now, when someone is suffering, I feel it. I really do. I’m an intense person I know, ultra sensitive to what others are feeling or going through, animals too.

I’m going through something right now. I am losing faith. Why was God so cruel to animals? No one has been able to comfort me with a sufficient answer to put me at peace. This is very upsetting. Because God, whom I call ‘Yahuah’ has been my everything. Why?

Finally, I’d just like to say that my heart will always have it’s place for the animals because they have no voice, no rights, no protection! Oh! There’s laws, but they are not enforced really, just a slap on the hand. It makes me angry. If you could see the things my eyes have seen, you would understand.

Hindenburg on My Mind

This is very interesting, I never really knew much information about the Hindenburg. I love history, that’s when it’s true.


I don’t remember if I told you, but Babu saw the Hindenburg.  Not the explosion, but it during flight.  Here is the passage:

Friday, October 9th, 1936
Saw “big Broadcast of 1937” and “Desert Gold.”  Woke up this morning to the siren of fire trucks.  Next door at the Partyka’s their oil got on fire.  Two fireman quenched it but there was three long trucks and two cars. Then at school we were let out at 10:45 to see the Hindenburg (airship.)  Went to Ernie’s Spfld home for the night.  Met her Aunt and Uncle.  Then she and I and two boys Jack Toomey, and Jack C., went to the Paramount then to a spaghetti place to eat.  Then walked around on the Memorial Bridge, got a car, rode around, came home 1:30 AM.

I couldn’t believe it when I read about it.  I read the next few pages fervently…

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Phoebe Over The Water

Amazing photograph! My brother sends me pics of these all the time on my phone, beautiful creatures, but you don’t want to mess with them.


The Phoebe was sitting in the perfect spot, if it had been 3 hours earlier. When I shot this the sun was low and the bird was just a silhouette. A little lightening and dropping shadows pulled this photo out.

Phoebe Over The Water - Click To Enlarge Phoebe Over The Water – Click To Enlarge

I did get a catch light in the eyes so I kept the image.

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