Welcome, here’s who I am..


Siyo is short for Osiyo which means hello in Cherokee. My Name is of course ‘Little Cloud.’ I’m part Cherokee and Seneca. My Grandfather was western European and Grandmother was Cherokee with Seneca. I love the arts, and am a visual artist, work with oils, watercolors, pastels, pen and ink, do calligraphy and more. I’m quite good at design, and took Graphic Design at Santa Monica, Ca. I’ve thought a lot about being an interior designer. I am still deciding whether or not to post my artwork. I’m quite a heavy thinker and have a very huge variety of interests. I’m very spiritual. I have the cutest, sweetest Pitbull which is my little lovebug. I will write more on these subjects later. I’m also a vegan for the animals.

#vegan #nativeamerican #cherokee #seneca #arts #pitbulls


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